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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Party Chic

Lacey dresses? Lacey bags? Lacey leggings and etc?! Sometimes too much of something is a fashion no-no. Right here we have this special piece that gives you just the right amount of detailed lace to chic up this monotone party dress.

Royal Blue
A subtle piece with hints of lace to cover up at the right place.

Wear it for any occasion. For a simple date or hitting the club with the girls.


Pair it with dark leggings or funky coloured leggings to make it a louder piece!
*Click here for our leggings collection.

Or wear it to work with an additional clincher for the more serious look.

Oh did we not tell you abotu the back details. Look at 'em cute bows on the low cut back!

Detailed lacey top to cover over the shadows and allow the sexiness to peep out.

Low cut back with bows. Fashion yay!

Fits UK2-8

Price RM39

Material Stretchable lycra and lace.

Details Body fitting mini dress with lacey details and low-cut exposed back with 2 bows attached.
*Clincher not included.

Available in Black (SOLD), White and Royal Blue (SOLD)

Status Last piece in White

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