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Looking awesome is what we girls do best. Here at Sunrise2Sunset Boutique we want you to not only look beautiful but also feel 100% in your own skin while you catch up with today's latest trend in fashion. We provide clothings and accessories from every era, the 60s, the 70s, the 80s, the 90s and of course the post-Millennium.


Friday, May 7, 2010

Sunny Retro

The 70s was an era of its own with all sorts of baby doll dresses and fancy prints. You just have to love this adorable piece because it brightens up even the gloomiest sky.

Baby doll cut with halter tie-back neckline.

Contrasting colours will make heads turn when you walk into a room.

Orangey Turquoise
Extremely flared skirt for comfort and room. No worries on being too conscious about your love handles.

Grassy Red
Wear it as a dress for any occasions or turn it into a top buy folding in the hem.

Stretchable gutter and tie back halter.

Side zipper for easier fit.

Inner cotton lining to give more volume to this flowy baby doll dress.

Fits UK4-10
Price RM48
Material Soft flowy cotton with inner lining.
Details Side zipper, halter neck tie-back and stretchable gutter on the back.
Available in Orangey Turquoise and Grassy Red

RM 35

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Daytime Dots

Match this top with any favourite bottoms and wear it anyway you like. Wham! up your day with polka dots!

Frilly neckline and sleeve.
Styles to wear 1: Tie sash around to create and empire waist.

Styles to wear 2: Use sash as a brooch-like ribbon.

Styles to wear 3: Scrunch it up behind or on the side to have a more perfect fit.

Fits UK4-10
Price RM26
Material Light cotton
Details Comes with a sash/ribbon to accessorize.
Available in Navy Blue, Green, Black and Red.

RM 15

Evening Chex

Elegant and Poise. Perfect dress for a night-out from dinner to parties.

Smocked back

Fits UK4-6
Price RM39
Material Thick and soft suede-like
Details Attached half sash with diamantes buckle, smocked back
Status Last piece in Black (as shown)

RM 28

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Beach Date

This simple printed piece is as versatile as any other LBD. Comes in 3 beautiful colours to choose from.

Wear it for a normal day out.

A date in the mall or outdoors.

Or even for dinner dates with friends and loved ones.


Tie back halter and smocked back.

Perfectly tailored scrunch up bustier front.

Fits UK4-8

Price RM39

Material Cotton lycra

Details Scrunch up front with halter tie-back and smocked back.

Available in Brown (SOLD), Black (SOLD) and Blue

Last piece in BLUE

Garden Date

Light chiffon dress with simple nature prints to vamp up your closet. Wear it to a park for a picnic or a casual date in the evening pair with a modish clutch.

Ashy Grey
Flare and flowy pleated skirt.

Red Chilli

Brown Hay (Brown+Cream)

True Blue (Blue+White)

Overlaping neckline with attached sash.

Smocked back with adjustable straps and tie back sash/ribbon.

Inner lining and perfect stitch hemline.

Fits UK4-8

Price RM48

Material Sheer chiffon with inner lining.

Details Flowy flare pleated skirt with adjustable straps and attached sash.

Available in Ashy Grey, True Blue(Blue+White), Chili Red and Brown Hay (Brown+Cream)

RM 39


Sensuously sophisticated piece for both day and night wear. Great colour combination perfect to perk up any dull occasion.
Extremely flowy chiffon material leave a trail of beauty.

Wear it as a tube maxi by tying the strings on the front instead.

Flowy length suitable for all sizes.

Very stretchable smocked back.

Detailed hemming on the bottom part of the maxi.

Fits UK4-small 12

Price RM50

Material Soft flowy chiffon with inner lining.

Details Empire waist with halter string and very stretchable smocked back.

Available in (as shown).

Flower Power

Kick start your early summer with this perfect piece or wear it this spring to liven up any gloomy mood. Floral print with contrasting colour.

Summer Orange

Spring Green

A dainty piece to cheer you up.

Cute cutting with stretchable back.

Smocked back with tie-back halter neckline.

Spring Green

Summer Orange

Fits UK2-8

Price RM39

Material Good quality semi-thick cotton

Details Cute empire waist with tie-back halter and smocked back.

Available in Spring Green (Design 1-SOLD, 2, 3) and Summer Orange (Design 4, 5)

Trendy Pleatz

A simple monotone favourite that will never go out of style, just what you need to fill up that empty slot in your closet.

Pair it up with matching clincher to give it more shape
and a bustier front

Royal Purple
Slight pleats on skirt to give this piece more volume.

Match it with funky colored accessories to vamp it up!

Stretchable smocked back to fit all sizes.

Overlapping flap and pleated bustier design.

Stretchable smocked Back

Fits UK4-8

Price RM39

Material Good quality cotton.

Details Pleated bustier top, slight pleat on skirt, side zipper and smocked back.
*Clincher and bag not included.

Available in Black, White and Royal Purple (SOLD).

Contour Chic

Looking for that one dress that you can head straight to the club with after a long tiring day of work without having to head home and change? Then this piece is definitely a steal! It doubles up both as a working dress for your day job and also a hot mini dress to unleash the party girl in you!
Contour skirt with flowy drop shoulder floral top.

Covers up at all the right places and shows just about the right amount of skin.

Wear it with any clincher of your choice to give it a little additional perk.

Body contour skirt to enhance your precious booty.

V-neck plunge, runched-up sleeves and pleats around bust area.

Fits UK4-8

Price RM39

Material Good quality stretchy cotton on skirt and light linen on floral top.

Details Slight V-neck plunge, ruffled sleeves, pleat on floral top and body contour skirt.
*Clincher not included.

Available in Cranberry, Blueberry and Boysenberry (Sold).